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As a NP I am very analytical and asked a lot of questions about all the procedures and how they work.  Patrice the RN at Peak Image Med Spa took a lot of time to explain exactly how each procedure would help me. I am a woman in my 40s and I had never done anything more than use moisturizer, so I was a little nervous and told Patrice I wanted to look natural just more refreshed. Patrice listened to exactly what I was asking for and she performed Botox in my crow’s feet, forehead, in between my brows, and around my lips. She used a little filler in my cheeks as well. I initially just started by doing a chemical peel with her and loved the results, so I returned to do my botox and filler. Overall really happy, I feel like I look natural and I look refreshed and less tired.


I am so happy I found this place!!!! Jack was really helpful in helping set up my appointment and pick a location. They have a location in Braintree and a location in the Fenway Area. I work in Back Bay so I picked the fenway area to have my procedure after work. But then I had my follow up in the Braintree location, on my way to visit my family in Rhode Island. To begin with, the facilities were so nice, and I felt super comfortable from the moment I walked in. Patrice did my consult, and procedure, and she took the time to explain everything thoroughly, from start to finish. This was my first time having anything done, and I am so happy with how beautiful, but natural the results look. Patrice took the time to set up a treatment plan, and I look forward to continuing to go there.


This Med Spa deserves every one of it’s 5 stars! I would highly recommend my experience with Peak Image and frequently refer my own friends, family, and coworkers. The space is clean, modern, welcoming, and relaxing. Patrice was professional, accommodating, and so knowledgeable about preventative Botox when she did my Botox procedure. Jack also went the extra mile to find the right time that worked for me (even though I am extremely busy at work.) Their Boston location is also right next to the Kenmore T stop on the green line which makes it very accessible. If you’re considering Med Spa treatments in Boston, you HAVE to try this first. You will not be disappointed!


Thanks to Jack and Patrice for making this such a seamless process. They were very flexible in the scheduling process and informative about how they could help improve my skin. Highly recommend and will be returning soon.


Patrice and Jack were so professional and easy to work with. For someone who just got botox for the first time, Patrice walked me through everything, answered all my questions and was so knowledgeable about everything. They made the process and experience so enjoyable. Highly recommend!


Super cute and clean boutique! Patrice and Jack made me feel so comfortable and I cant wait to come back for more services!


I've visited various MedSpas in the Boston area over the last 5+ years and hands down Peak Image is my favorite! Jack was very helpful setting up my initial consult and follow up appointments between both of their locations with my crazy busy schedule. Patrice was very professional and knowledgable which made it super comfortable and easy to talk to her and accept her professional opinions. Not to mention the spa itself it absolutely spotless and stunning!

This is now my go-to medspa and I encouraged everyone to switch to Peak Image. Patrice and Jack simply fabulous!


So I need to start by saying I have never gotten Botox before. I’ve always been nervous because I don’t like needles and didn’t know what to expect. But Patrice was AMAZING. She made me feel super comfortable from the second I walked into the med spa. She was very knowledgeable, explained the process, and also offered me numbing cream so that I didn’t feel anything at all. I am so pleased with my experience and results!!! I will definitely be returning back to the med spa in the future to see Patrice again!!


My friend Patrice and Jack opened this amazing spa and I recently went to get botox there! I was definitely a little nervous but was put at ease and nothing hurt.

Very happy with the results and my horrendous wrinkles that definitely need more treatment will be seen again eventually when I make my way around Boston!!


Patrice educated me on all things Botox, Dysport, filler, to help me decide which services were right for me and made it such a fun experience. She and Jack make a great team and I can’t wait to go back!!!     


Excellent experience. Convenient location right off the highway. Patrice the RN took time listening to my concerns and answering all my questions, making sure I was comfortable and would get the results I wanted. Couldn't be happier with the results of my dysport injections. Very refreshed and natural. Looking forward to my next appointment!


Monday was my first time going to see Peak Image. I have gotten Dysport in the past but I just moved to the area and needed to find someplace new. I saw Patrice and she was very knowledgeable and precise with the placement of the injections. My Dysport has kicked in and I am now looking fabulous for the weekend.


Patrice and Jack are awesome! They were so accommodating and welcoming. This was my first procedure and I felt so comfortable right from the beginning. Patrice answered all of my questions and concerns. She also explained the everything in detail and made sure I was comfortable throughout the entire procedure.


I messaged Peak image at about 11 a.m. on a Sunday morning inquiring about fillers and the non-surgical nose job and Jack responded to me immediately I'm scheduled me for a 4:30 appointment consult. I went to the building which is tucked behind the Ford dealership near Barnes & Nobles in Braintree, found the red building, and went up to the fourth floor and met Patrice and Jack at the office.

The office was bright and clean and the staff incredibly welcoming. Patrice went over all of my options and I decided on getting the non-surgical nose job, the under eye filler, a little bit of Botox for a brow lift, and Botox near the corners of my mouth to remove the frown lines. I honestly only thought I would walk away with just a quote, or possibly get one procedure, but incredibly the services were so so so affordable I was shocked and gladly get them all and I'm so happy I did! My results are phenomenal, Patrice is a true expert at injectables.

She also got me signed up with the actual manufacturers of the fillers and Botox so that I would earn credits and discounts for my services. I found it fascinating that no other MedSpa ever offered this before. I asked Patrice why that me be, and she said because it's a bit of a process on the MedSpa to confirm with the manufacturers that I actually got the procedures and the other chain Med Spas probably don't care to give any extra credits or discounts.

I had never had under eye filler or the non-surgical nose job and I was super nervous. When I go back to see Patrice I will be so excited because now I know how amazing her results are! I already got a compliment from my mom video chatting that I looked incredibly well rested and really refreshed. She couldn't quite figure out what exactly I had done and I didn't tell her just yet because I wanted to see if she saw a difference and sure enough she did. Can't wait to go into work tomorrow and watch all my co-workers give me a second look cuz I can't quite figure out why I look 5 years younger!

I was also super psyched when Patrice said she had enough filler left over to Contour my cheeks because we didn't use all of it during the non-surgical nose job. So bonus! She use the rest do a slight left around the cheekbone area which I thought was incredibly smart and thoughtful on her end.

Another interesting aspect of my visit that I feel the need to share as I asked Patrice how I could get rid of the good old Irish red splotchy skin on my face so maybe one of these days I can go makeup free completely to work oh, well maybe with a little bit of mascara, and I really thought Patrice was going to tell me to go for the chemical peel and maybe the light therapy but she gave me really sound and solid advice on what serums to use first before I go down that path. I didn't feel like she was ever pressuring me or trying to motivate me to spend more money and I feel like she had my best interest with regard to my desired result at heart.

I cannot recommend Peak Image enough!!! Thank you guys!

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