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Fuller eyelashes: Post Lash Extensions

Here are eyelash tips for at home care when you can't see your eyelash technician.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) has had a serious widespread impact around the world. While the stay at home orders continue, we are left with a lot of questions on how to keep up with our beauty routines. Beautiful, long and strong eyelashes are an important feature for an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Whether you are battling the damaging effects of lash extensions or want to fortify your eyelashes, we have put together a few tips and tricks for fuller, longer, stronger eyelashes.

Don’t remove eyelash extensions yourself:

Because eyelash extensions can last up to 60 days if you still have extensions on your

eyelashes, do not attempt to remove these yourself. There are a lot of videos and instructional articles out there on how to remove eye lashes yourself, but this should be truly left up to a professional so you don’t cause any further damage. Because your eyelash technician can’t come to the rescue right now, let your eyelashes fall out on their own. If you want to speed up the process you can apply aquaphor or vaseline at night to your eyelashes. Do not pull at them, allow them to fall out naturally.

Fortify thin lashes:

Whether your eyelashes have been damaged by lash extensions or you have naturally thin eyelashes eyelash serum makes all the difference. Our pick is the RevitaLash® Advanced formula which comes with an easy to apply thin brush. RevitaLash® is formulated with lash-loving ingredients like peptides, lipids, Biotin and Green Tea Extract. This serum will condition and strengthen lashes, protect against breakage and improve flexibility and shine. The treatment results in more beautiful looking and healthier lashes.

If you are suffering from lash extensions falling out you will love what this eyelash serum does for your lashes. Not only will your lashes be stronger but the serum will help ensure your lashes are less compromised at the end of the process. That’s not to say that only those with falling out extensions can benefit from this serum. If you always wanted thicker and longer lashes but haven’t had the time or patience for an extra step in your beauty routine, now is the time to incorporate an eye lash serum.

We hope we have answered the questions on why you should invest in an eye lash serum now. Until your lash technicians can come to the rescue, you can shop the RevitaLash® Advanced Serum on our website,

Questions? Reach out here.

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